The Kano Build Your Own Computer Kit is designed to help people of all ages assemble a computer and learn basic coding.


Here's all the information:


  • USB power cable and wall plug
  • Protective case slides
  • Protective lid
  • LED Light Ring
  • Raspberry Pi Computer (Brain)
  • Micro SD card and card holder (Memory)
  • HDMI monitor cable
  • Wireless keyboard and USB receiver
  • Instruction Booklet

Guidelines for Borrowing

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Fines and Liability

How do I return the device?

You will need to return the Kano Computer Kit to the Library's service desk on or before the device's due date. A computer kit returned in the drop box will be subject to a $20 fee. You must return the device with all the original packaging and accessories.

How do I renew the device?

Just like any library item, if there aren't any other holds, you may renew the device one time by logging into your account through the Library's website, the Library's mobile app, or by visiting the Library's Service Desk.